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SAP Business One Starter Package El Salvador

Low cost and reduced risk to start using, quickly and easily, the best business management software in the world today.

SAP Business One Starter Package El Salvador

Its low cost and reduced risk make SAP Starter Package a unique and powerful application that allows optimizing the possibilities of SAP Business One, with a limited capacity of up to five users, and covering all management areas.

Accounting and financial control in real time.


Management  sales and accounts receivable.


Management  purchasing and business operations.


Inventory management, costing and distribution  of the same.


Reports and analysis  of information  of your company.


SAP El Savador

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Get to know  our SAP Business One implementation step by step

Our experts carry out a detailed preliminary analysis to ensure that your staff has everything they need in business software.

SAP El Savador


1. Analysis and


We define your needs through a diagnosis and analysis of each of the departments of your organization.

SAP El Savador


2. Configuration

We configure SAP Business One based on your business processes and improvements defined by our team of consultants.

SAP El Savador


3. Migration

We migrate your current information to SAP so you can operate smoothly.

SAP El Savador


5. Go Live!

SAP El Savador


4. Training

We train and empower your staff to teach them the logic of the system so that they can operate it without any inconvenience.

We guarantee that your SAP system enters into operation successfully and achieving the objectives set.


Consap El Salvador

La Gran Vía Commercial Development, Building 6, Level 1, Local 2. Old Cuscatlán, La Libertad.  


Request a diagnosis:   PBX:  (503) 2206-7135
Consap Guatemala

6av 12-24 zone 10 HQ Fontabella Office 601,  Guatemala, CA 01010


Request a diagnosis:   PBX:  (502) 2315 4137

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