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Electronic Billing (FEL) with SAP Business One El Salvador

The Electronic Invoicing system (FEL)  more complete,  market automated and fully integrated into your SAP system

Benefits of the eDoc system

eDoc is the most complete and automated Electronic Billing system that meets all the requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Finance and offers full compatibility with its SAP Business One system for El Salvador.

SAP El Salvador



Experience in the implementation of electronic invoicing and integration of SAP Business One in the region.

SAP El Salvador



eDoc is a 100% adaptable system integrated into SAP Business One that can be  modified to customer needs.

SAP El Salvador



eDoc is a system that will allow you to manage all the companies of the same corporation just as SAP Business One is a Multi-company system.

What other benefits do you have with our Electronic Invoicing (FEL) services for SAP El Salvador?

Online submission to the Ministry of Finance immediately after creating the document.

Control and allocation of folios in documents that are issued electronically.

Management and definition of series of documents that will be electronic or documents that will be internal.

Viewing the PDF (graphic representation of the electronic document) from the same SAP Business One screen.

Management of audit log and log in SAP Business One.

Sending emails to the client from the eDoc Queries portal, immediately after attaching the additional required documents and the user clicking on the send button.

All documents will remain in the Cloud.

All documents are customized to the company format.


Get to know  our implementation of eDoc and Electronic Invoicing (FEL) to SAP Business One El Salvador

Our experts carry out an adequate integration of your Electronic Invoicing through the following implementation steps.

SAP El Savador


1. Analysis and


We define your needs through a diagnosis and information analysis.

SAP El Savador


2. Configuration

SAP El Savador


3. Testing

We configure SAP Business One based on your business processes.

We perform system tests to ensure eDoc connectivity with your certifier.

SAP El Savador


5. Go Live!

SAP El Savador


4. Training

We train your staff to teach them the logic of the system and they can operate it without any problem.

The eDoc is ready to use in 3 weeks.


Consap  The Savior

La Gran Vía Commercial Development, Building 6, Level 1, Local 2. Old Cuscatlán, La Libertad.  


Request a diagnosis:   PBX:  (503) 2206-7135
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