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ConSAP Finance

With our ConSAP Finance package you will be able to discover the main financial accounting processes in SAP Business One guided by certified experts in the best business practices.

Course objectives

Describe the accounting and financial processes in SAP Business One.


Carry out the main processes related to the financial area and bank management.


Manage financial procedures with SAP Business One.


Use control tools and business reports of the system.


Know and adjust the basic settings for the financial functions of SAP Business One.

curso SAP El Salvador

SAP Finance course syllabus

MOD 1: General Training and Standard Financial Processes SAP Business One

  1. Glossary

  2. Environment and menus

  3. Standard financial processes

MOD 2: Financial process

  1. Accounting catalog structure, Cost centers

  2. Accounting entries

  3. Accounting periods

MOD 3: Bank management process

  1. Payments received and deposits

  2. Payments made and issuance of checks

  3. Bank reconciliation

MOD 4: Budget and control reports

  1. Accounting budget

  2. Budget reports

  3. Financial and tax reports

  1. Import printing formats

  2. Import reports to SAP

Details of our ConSAP Finance course

Foto Gaby Insta..PNG

Gaby bonilla

"Having studied SAP literally opened the doors for me in the professional area since most companies now request knowledge in the program.


The course was excellent, with expert consultants and teaching methodologies that facilitate learning. "

Veronica carrillo.jpg

Veronica  Cheek

"The excellent work they do in the training sessions, each of the modules was the sum of a lot of knowledge for my work environment, so I have no hesitation in recommending them."

Gabriel martinez.jpg

Gabriel Martinez

"100% practical classes, with an excellent environment and very good engineers teaching the classes, highly recommended ..."



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