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We help you optimize your SAP Business One system no matter what your current partner is 

Take advantage  100% your SAP Business One system 

Our professionals in  SAP Business One will help you from diagnosis and implementation , to training and support

SAP El Savador





Total evaluation that guarantees a complete operation of your SAP system.

SAP El Savador





For  your operational doubts within your SAP Business One system.

SAP El Savador


Network consulting

and IT support

To guarantee the implementation and operation of your SAP system.

SAP El Savador





Update in SAP Business One at no cost to your staff when implementing with us *

Not sure you are getting the most out of your SAP Business One system?

In CONSAP, we make a full use evalucación where a consultant analyzes  your processes and use of current SAP Business One to  provide you with recommendations such as:

Change to SAP configuration to improve the current processes of your company.


Process modifications to take advantage of more advanced or new functionalities of your SAP system.


Training for new users or reinforcement of current users.


Analysis between the current and potential use of your SAP Business One system.


New live output or re-implementation in really particular cases.

Financial Reporting Package

Facilitate the work of the accounting department by generating reports that help you control the finances of your  business:

  • Balance sheet

  • Statement of income

  • Fiscal Books

We also create managerial and financial reports for any business unit tailored to each department.

Reportes finaniceros.png

SAP Business One replicas for companies of the same corporation

If you need to make a copy from one company that already operates with SAP to another, we help you upload the information to the system, train, start the operation of the new business and provide support to achieve a successful SAP Business One implementation.

Replicas SAP.png

Implementation of additional SAP Business One modules

Your SAP Business One system is now  working and now you want to add some additional module.  We can help you implement, train and analyze  the module you need and implement it in your company. These are some of the most requested add-on modules in SAP Business One:  

  • Production

  • Budgets

  • Projects management

  • Fixed assets

  • MRP (Material Resource Planning)

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Services



Consap  The Savior

La Gran Vía Commercial Development, Building 6, Level 1, Local 2. Old Cuscatlán, La Libertad.  


Request a diagnosis:   PBX:  (503) 2206-7135

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